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UNIQUE FINDS IN SAN JUAN CITY!: https://t.co/2EpdCP0LjI sa pamamagitan ng @YouTube

Exceptional service as the backbone of its existence and success. READ MORE: https://t.co/pc90Y2N3gi

#YourCommunity: Expectations on Kasara's Tower 1 turnover is getting high with its 93.73% in overall project accom… https://t.co/AEDsYdE7jg

Kasara is more than just a haven, learn more about this beautiful community. Just click the link below.

Empire East x Gawad Kalinga: https://t.co/M94cIpbIXp sa pamamagitan ng @YouTube

One more day before the deadline!! Send your submissions now at sanjuanderer2018@gmail.com and be the best… https://t.co/Os99qR5lJP

Spend your life together in a home that would help nurture your relationship! Little Baguio Terraces, a 4-tower com… https://t.co/Sx3iKWsw7L

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A progressive cityscape is a sign of an improving country and urban lifestyle. #HappyAnniversary #EmpireEast24… https://t.co/DzeRaFwmR1

Today, Empire East paraded San Juan City in commemoration of the 120th anniversary of the Araw ng Pinaglabanan. Various sectors of the government, businesses, schools, and households joined to support this historic event. The number of participants spells the success and camaraderie among the San Juan City residents, who albeit live in the smallest city in Metro Manila, prove that they can be united in their support for the city's special events and causes.

Hey there, #SanJuanderer! Our Vlog-making Contest is EXTENDED! 😍 You can still join our contest and submit your entries until September 15, 2018! Don't forget to register your name and details before sending your submissions! EXCITING PRIZES STILL AWAIT YOU SO JOIN NOW! Happy discovering ❤️ MECHANICS: 1. Simply create a one to two-minute video on your personal favorite lifestyle hubs (restaurants, bookstores, cafes, museums, diners, libraries, public parks, private function halls, condos, etc.) that can be found within the City of San Juan under the main theme: My Neighborhood. 2. Send your videos to sanjuanderer2018@gmail.com. 3. Videos will be evaluated based on the following criteria: Creativity and Concept 50% Content’s Share-ability and Relatedness 30% Editing 20% 4. Winners are in for a special treat! 1st Place: OVERNIGHT STAY at Richmonde Hotel, MEAL GCs worth Php 2,000 and a CASH prize of Php 3,000 2nd Place: MEAL GCs worth Php 2,000 and a CASH prize of Php 1,500 3RD Place: MEAL GCs worth Php 1,000 and a CASH prize of Php 500 5. The announcement of winners will be two weeks from the cut-off date and will be posted on the Little Baguio Terraces' and Mango Tree Residences’ Official Facebook pages! 6. Exclusive for San Juan City residents ONLY! All Empire East employees and their relatives up to the 2nd degree are NOT allowed to join the contest. 7. The contest is extended until September 15, 2018, only! REGISTER NOW: https://goo.gl/forms/Ih5FVTiOV0vWGmhi2 #EmpireEast24 #YourCommunity #SolidSanJuan

Empire East, through CEO and President Atty. Anthony Charlemagne Yu, leads the tunover of pledged housing units to… https://t.co/RVeSvhsCqb

Empire East participates in today's "Araw ng Pinaglabanan" in San Juan City, a commemoration of the first revolt of… https://t.co/3qwQaCVk5Q

In good weather or bad, Empire East has you covered. Invest on a high-rise home today. #KardingPH https://t.co/ID9aaRUEKV

A comfortable and safe space is like a treat at the end of a stressful day! Rest and recharge your body and soul fr… https://t.co/8D7f7nq3Tu

Who would have thought that living in the tiger city can be this fun? Want to be part of this community? Call 810-3… https://t.co/skinZLXpok

Help your kids enjoy their college experience by providing them with a home like @coventgardenmnl that is not just… https://t.co/YGP55SPg57

DID YOU KNOW that your home affects your mental health so strongly? Maintaining a clean space, ample lighting, and selective wall colors have been proven to affect one's mood significantly. For instance, red and orange may cause a heightened sense of urgency or appetite while blue and green colors bring out a calm and serene feeling. A room's lighting could also play an essential role in either making us sad or happy. The more light that comes into the room, the more vibrant the mood becomes and could relatively keep our happiness level high. Whereas, dark rooms may tend to cause sadness especially in rainy weather. The good news is that you can quickly shift or maintain the kind of mood you wish to be in by being hands-on in the design of your condo. Choose condo units that are facing the east, for more vibrant mornings that greet the sun from your angle or units facing the west to enjoy calming sunset views. Depending on your mood, you may also be more particular in choosing which color to use for your beddings and walls to ensure that positive aura is maintained. Keep a mental and emotional health check in your new home at Empire East. With well-thought-out themed communities like Kasara Urban Resort Residences, influencing your mind could be more comfortable if it means having the chance to shift from work mode to vacation mode at any time. To know more, call 810-3333 now for more info!

Did you know that your home is a reflection of your personality? 🤔 Take this quiz and know what Empire East project is perfect for your style! 💛 #StayInStyle #EmpireEast24

“Through the years, the company’s efforts have made a significant impact on the locations where we are present, infusing a new brand of energy and a unique sense of character into the landscape. The same energy and character have molded the properties of Empire East and it is what allowed us to offer and go beyond the so-called essentials."

#LIFECHECK What is your current reality? Why choose to 'work, work, work', when we can 'work, play, live'?… https://t.co/BoFRweWMBL

The serenity of nature amid the reticent streets of M. Paterno and Ledesma in San Juan City, backed by its homegrow… https://t.co/CH1GkRbwWn

#YourCommunity: San Lorenzo Place Mall: https://t.co/93tIr7NiQH sa pamamagitan ng @YouTube

Beat the cold weather with a cup of coffee from the cafe near you! At San Lorenzo Place, you can enjoy the chic lifestyle you want in the comfort and safety of your own home! This residential development in Makati has a bi-level lifestyle mall that offers posh products and services to its homeowners' convenience and comfort. So, even when it's pouring outside, you can still get that coffee fix you need! -- Keep safe and updated this rainy season! A gentle reminder from Empire East.

Empire East celebrates 24 years of premium city living.

5 Things You'll Need When Taking Public Transit in Metro Manila: https://t.co/NnVJ58tVTa sa pamamagitan ng @YouTube

Empire East in the 120th Anniversary of the Araw ng Pinaglabanan: https://t.co/lJ6J5LZISD sa pamamagitan ng @YouTube

Must Visit Places Around Your New Home in Mandaluyong: https://t.co/OxoqwVn3YY sa pamamagitan ng @YouTube

Stay stylish and up-to-date in your new home in Mandaluyong City--Pioneer Woodlands! With its neighboring popular and interesting places, this six-tower residential development is sure to give your ideal urban address! Check out these different looks that you can carry out in these places: https://goo.gl/2Z6iEx! #StayInStyle

Our mood is influenced by how we look. Dressing up for our roles in society has proven to be effective in helping us get into the zone and finish the job right; whether we are a mom, a dad, a student, or a working professional. Good thing condo dwellers have a plethora of fashion hubs nearby that they can easily access as daily style inspiration, and a source for that inevitable wardrobe upgrade! You can go from 'laid-back' to 'posh', to 'classic' as you please! Check out this series of looks you can carry out for that demanding, dreamy, active, 'adulting' or timeless role in life! We're brewing something fun! Stay tuned this Friday (September 21) at 4PM! Follow @empireeast on social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more updates. #StayInStyle

At Mango Tree Residences, your furry pets can live happily too!