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In this Season of Giving, #EmpireEastCares has once again set another milestone by extending blessings to its surrounding community. Through a new program titled 'Get READy', the company was able to build a small library to its partner elementary school in Santa Maria, Laguna, which gave students access to a much more extensive selection of books, and promote learning and reading to the younger generation. Watch this video to get a glimpse of this special moment. This event is part of the company's pocket CSR program 'Empire East Cares.' #LifeIsAtEmpireEast

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#EmpireEastCares HAS SET YET ANOTHER MILESTONE last week as they celebrate the opening of the mini library for thei… https://t.co/eMhmwFlFfM

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We have been blessed to share yet another batch of book donations for the mini library of our partner school in Santa Maria, Laguna. These are gifts from The Asia Foundation Philippines, headed by Atty. Carolyn Mercado and Reynald Ocampo, last Tuesday, December 11, 2018. Ranging from textbooks to other learning materials, it hopes to fill the newly constructed library of the New Little Baguio Elementary School. Indeed, the spirit of Christmas is here to remind us that sharing is free and can bring us joy that will always be cherished. Empire East wishes you a bountiful Christmas and a good year ahead. Thank you, The Asia Foundation Philippines!

EMPIRE EAST CARES HAS SET YET ANOTHER MILESTONE last week as they celebrate the opening of the mini library for their partner school in Santa Maria, Laguna. Led by President and CEO, Atty. Anthony Charlemagne C. Yu, the project entitled "Get READy: A Generation That Reads is a Generation That Leads," aims to build a small library where students are given access to a wider selection of books and where they can gain knowledge to help visualize their dreams for the future. The library is equipped with books donated by the Empire East employees - ranging from English to Tagalog books under various book categories like reference books, textbooks, activity books and many more - shelves, tables and chairs to complete its interiors. It also has computers which may help students to have a better learning experience. This event also aims to promote the fun and importance of reading to the generation of today. #EmpireEastCares #LifeIsAtEmpireEast #YourGrowthOurMilestone

"PropertyGuru Group also recognized Tan as a champion of corporate social responsibility through the Megaworld Foundation and Empire East Cares." Congratulations

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#EmpireEastCares Get READy: https://t.co/NUEaMd8iwZ sa pamamagitan ng @YouTube

Thank you, Atty. Carolyn Mercado and Reynald Ocampo of The Asia Foundation Philippines for your generous hearts that provided a new batch of books and learning materials to fill in the newly constructed library for our partner school in Santa Maria, Laguna! #EmpireEastCares

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Last week, #EmpireEastCares set YET ANOTHER MILESTONE as they celebrated the opening of the mini library of their partner school in Santa Maria, Laguna. READ MORE

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Last week, #EmpireEastCares set YET ANOTHER MILESTONE as they celebrated the opening of the mini library of their p… https://t.co/AvOjjXD6ii

Wow. This article sends us back through historical Manila! Look back and compare how it looks like today. A lot has improved and more modern homes have helped upgrade its cityscape. If you feel drawn to live in this community, we have Covent Garden Sta. Mesa as a home you may consider. :)

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STORY: Empire East, under its pocket CSR initiative 'Empire East Cares' led by President and CEO Anthony Charlemagne Yu, celebrated the opening of a mini library for an elementary school in Santa Maria, Laguna. The event titled: "Get READy: A Generation that Reads is a Generation that Leads," aims to build a small library to get students closer to a wider selection of English and Tagalog books, give them more chance to access and gain knowledge, and to promote the love for reading. Check out the captions per photo for more stories. (Official photos to be posted soon.) #EmpireEastCares